Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yayasan Islam Kelantan-RM500- 15 May 2008

I will go!
Thx, finally i will get the money!

No choice - i need to do so!

The only way i can study abroad is to depend on scholarships.
This is because my parents aren't well-off enough to send me overseas.
Study abroad is one of my dreams!
My parents asked me regarding my scholarship applications.
They wondered why i chose oversea programs for all my scholarship applications.
They also asked me the reasons why i can't study in local university.
I didn't know how to answer them at that moment!
I told them i want go study abroad because that is the only way i can go oversea.
That time, i was not think carefully before i spoke out my point of view!
I understood now, they worried about me!
What i need to do now is try to equip myself with knowledge, improve my communication skill, do a little homework, less socialize, etc......
I hope that i can secure any scholarship either study abroad or local as long as it's recognized by MQA.
If can't, i think i will go to private, of course UTAR is not in my choices!
Maybe try to apply UNITEN-closing date-30 May 2008!
I regretted that i didn't hear the advice of counselor. She advised me go to study in private college starting Jan 2008 using my trial results. But it's over dy.
Now, i should think it carefully what is my real ambition and what should i do to achieve this ambition?
Now, not the time for me to play, not the time for me to socialize, not the time for me to do nothing! But, it's the time for me to think how is my future?.. What should i do to achieve it?.. I should start searching for my real ambition, for my real tasks!
I was born in the Earth- so i think that i got some tasks to fulfilled, my mum and dad and my relatives, all of them hope me can contribute something to my big family!
Maybe i will become the first of the family members to study abroad-i hope that i'm not a day-dreamer!
KPLSPM-be a teacher!- I think i can do it if i willing to do it, but now my problem is my communication skill. I hope that my interview experiences like JPA and Sime Darby already improve my confidence while talking!
Go ahead, i can do it!
Believe my own abilities!

Useful web links-preparation for KPLSPM interview!

so far, i just can give 3 links, i just surf the Internet, i hope these links will help those who got the kplspm interview!
Sigh-i not read through the websites yet, i will read them asap!
Hope so!
Best of luck!

I used the car today!--thx--

Yesterday's night, i attended a meeting at Tc Liang's house!
The meeting started at 8.30p.m.++, then it was going on......
Then went out yam cha!
Chat.........Chat........Chat!-petrol-py paid!
Whatever happened yesterday, let it go!
Now, kplspm, is very important!
Current news, edu news and also the INSAK, all need my mentally and physically preparation!
I hope I really will like to be a teacher if there are no others better options!
As the malay saying goes "Tak kenal maka tak cinta", i hope this saying are really accurate and believable!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

International Islamic College?

I just back from my English class!
I look at my house's mail box, i saw my name on one of the mails.
I opened the letter, omg, it's a offer from IIC, i continued read the letter!
I found something very funny, and i want to tell the college, i'm a buddhist, not a muslim!
Below statement
---Female must wear tudung(white) during the orientation day!---
Maybe i missed out some sentences, but nvm, i will go to form 6!
Anyway, thank for the offer letter!
Bye, bye!
i will not go for it!


29 April 2008 - SELASA
Anda layak untuk menghadiri Temu duga Program Kursus Perguruan Lepas Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (KPLSPM) Ambilan Julai 2008. Berikut adalah maklumat Temu duga tersebut :-
14 - 05 - 2008
8.00 PAGI
Thank you!
I have given a chance to attend this interview!
But, what is penyataan hasrat, how to write it?
Calon Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan TESL (B.Ed. TESL) dan Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang (PPC) ke Universiti Terkemuka Luar Negara diwajibkan menduduki Ujian Bertulis Bahasa Inggeris.
Temu duga individu dan kumpulan bagi Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan TESL (B.Ed. TESL) dan Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang (PPC) ke Universiti Terkemuka Luar Negara dijalankan sepenuhnya dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

I need to improve my English level as fast as possible!
If not, i think i will fail!
Jpa-if u want me, inform me earlier!
Thx, maybe i will know the JPA results before i go to kplspm interview!
But, is that possible for me to secure jpa scholarship?
Anyway, pray hard!
I will try my best!
Good luck to those got the interview too!
To those who failed, you can appeal!
Try your luck!
Go here to check your status!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Absent-minded! Why? I also wonder why!

These few days including today i am absent-minded!
Today, i forgot to help Tc Liang top-up!
She asked me to do so on 6.30p.m, i promised her before 7.00p.m, she would receive RM30!
Haiz, i forgot, she smsed me and asked where her top-up?
I was asleep!
I immediately picked up my key and rode the bike to nearby top-up center!
Finally, i solved the problem!
Few days back, i was in AC's room, i borrowed dvd from her, my bad habit, like to fight with py, i won. DVD lent to me first, but, i forgot to bring back to my house! Omg! Absent-minded again!
There are lots of absent-minded cases happened on me.
I lazy to elaborate more, i just want find some solution to solve this habit!
Any suggestion?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am considered as a pity person!-I want to explain about it!

"You write ur blog-describe urself as a pity person!"
"You seen lost dy!"
"Ur blog is a place to express ur sadness, rite?"
"Y u want to express ur feelings in ur blog?"
and etc......
All these are my rights!

What is the difference between sponsorship and scholarship?

Anyone, pls define both!
-Actually i confuse with below statement!
"Petronas is not a scholarship, but it is a sponsorship!"


Untuk memantapkan sektor pendidikan negara , KPM telah merangka Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan [PIPP] bagi tahun 2006-2010 yang akan menjadi garis panduan pembangunan pendidikan negara secara menyeluruh sepanjang tempoh 5 tahun dalam Rancangan Malaysia ke-9. PIPP merupakan satu dokumen perancangan pembangunan pendidikan yang bersepadu, komprehensif dan menyeluruh yang tidak tertumpu pada satu jenis sekolah, lokasi dan kaum. Agenda utama KPM adalah untuk membangunkan sekolah kebangsaan sebagai sekolah aliran perdana kerana pada waktu ini majoriti pelajar berada di sekolah kebangsaan. Walau bagaimanapun, KPM tidak meminggirkan SJKC, SJKT dan SABK dalam meningkatkan kualiti pendidikan di sekolah-sekolah tersebut. PIPP merupakan dokumen perancangan pembangunan meliputi tiga aspek utama iaitu infrastruktur, pengisian dan tenaga manusia.

Pendekatan PIPP

Matlamat PIPP adalah untuk menghasilkan pendidikan berkualiti untuk semua. Bagi memastikan matlamat ini dapat dicapai, dua pendekatan utama telah dikenal pasti sepanjang tempoh RM Ke-9 iaitu;

a) menyelesaikan tugas yang masih belum selesai dalam rancangan lima tahun sebelum ini iaitu untuk memastikan akses kepada pendidikan dan menyamaratakan medan persaingan di kalangan pelajar;
b) mengembangkan sepenuhnya potensi sekolah dalam kluster kecemerlangan sehingga membolehkan guru dan pelajar mengangkat nama dan sistem pendidikan negara di mata dunia.

Dalam pendekatan pertama, komitmen KPM adalah untuk memastikan rakyat mendapat peluang pendidikan yang adil dan saksama tanpa mengira lokasi, kaum ataupun daripada kelompok kurang upaya, Orang Asli dan suku minoriti lain. KPM akan memastikan semua pelajar menguasai kemahiran membaca, mengira dan menulis dan tidak ada pelajar yang tercicir dari sistem pendidikan akibat kemiskinan, berada di kawasan luar bandar atau pedalaman. Peluasan ke semua jenis sekolah dan lokasi akan ditingkatkan untuk memastikan semua pelajar mendapat akses ICT khususnya capaian kepada internet.

Dalam pendekatan kedua, komitmen KPM adalah untuik memberi perhatian khusus ke atas sekolah yang telah mencapai tahap cemerlang untuk memastikan bukan sahaja ia dapat mempertahankan kecemerlangan malah mampu mempertingkatkannya ke tahap yang lebih tinggi. KPM akan mengenalpasti sekolah sekolah dalam kluster Sekolah Kebangsaan[SK], Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan [SJK], Sekolah Berasrama Penuh[SBP], Sekolah Premier, Sekolah Menengah Teknik [SMT], Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama[SMKA], Sekolah 100 tahun [ Centennial], Sekolah Bestari serta sekolah-sekolah Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya. Seterusnya KPM akan memperkenalkan pelbagai program yang dapat membantu meningkatkan lagi kelebihan, ekkuatan dan daya saing sekolah-sekolah dalam kluster ini.

Teras Strategik PIPP

Enam teras strategik telah dikenal pasti untuk memperkukuhkan sistem pendidikan negara.
Teras 1: Membina Negara Bangsa
Teras 2 : Membangunkan modal insan
Teras 3 : Memeprkasakan Sekolah Kebangsaan
Teras 4 : Merapatkan Jurang Pendidikan
Teras 5 : Memartabatkan Profesion Kegurusan
Teras 5 : Melonjakkan Kecemerlangan Institusi Pendidikan

Teras 1 : Membina Negara Bangsa

Memberi fokus kepada pembinaan Negara Bangsa melalui pendidikan. KPM untuk membangunkan warganegara dari awal persekolahan dengan ciri-ciri glokal, patriotik dan cintakan negara serta menyanjung dan menjunjung warisan budaya dan kesenian bangsa. Hasrat membina negara bangsa ini akan dicapai dengan memperkasakan Bahasa Melayu, meningkatkan disiplin pelajar, menggiatkan Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan [RIMUP] serta menggiatkan aktiviti kokurikulum serta sukan bagi membina jati diri serta menerapkan budi bahasa dan adab di kalangan pelajar.

Teras ke 2: Membangunakn Modal Insan
Usaha membangunkan modal insan KPM akan memberi tumpuan kepada sistem nilai, aspek disiplin, sahsiah dan jati diri pelajar. Teras ini juga berhasrat melahirkan pelajar yang kompeten dalam Sains dan Teknoplogi, inovatif dan kreatif serta kebolehpasaran. KPM akan menyediakan sistem pentaksiran dan penilaian holistik, membina disiplin pelajar serta memberi penekanan kepada kebersihan, kesihatan dan keselamatan.

Teras ke 3 : Memperkasakan Sekolah Kebangsaan
KPM akan memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan [ rendah dan menengah ] supaya sekolah-sekolah tersebut menjadi sekolah pilihan utama masyarakat. Sehubungan itu, sekolah sekolah kebangsaan akan dilengkapkan kemudahan asas pendidikan yang mencukupi dan berkualiti, bekalan elektrik dan air bersih serta kemudahan ICT. sekolah juga akan dibekalkan guru terlatih yang mencukupi mengikut opsyen serta bilangan staf sokongan mengikut keperluan.

Teras ke 4 : Merapatkan Jurang Pendidikan
Penekanan dalam merapatkan jurang pendidikan antara lokasi, jenis sekolah, tahap sosioekonomi dan tahap keupayaan pelajar adalah untuk mengurangkan perbezaan dariapda segi penyediaan kemudahan fizikal dan bukan fizikal, prestasi dan pencapaian perlajar serta keciciran. Justeru KPM akan membangunkan infrastruktur dan kemudahan pendidikan khususnya di luar bandar Sabah dan Sarawak dan memastikan semua sekolah mempunyai prasarana mengikut standard minimum. KPM juga akan memperbanyak bantuan kepada pelajar miskin, berkeperluan khas dan kumpulan minoriti, mengurangkan jurang digital dan menempatkan guru terlatih yang mencukupi mengikut opsyen di kawasan luar bandar dan pedalaman.

Teras ke 5 : Memartabatkan Profesion Keguruan
Usaha memartabatkan profesion keguruan adalah bagi memastikan profesion keguruan ini dihormati dan dipandang tinggi sesuai dengan amanah yang dipertanggungjawabkan dalam pembinaan generasi masa depan. KPM menaik taraf maktab perguruan kepada institusi pendidikan guru untuk meningkatkan kelayakan guru ke peringkat ijazah. KPM juga akan menambah baik pemilihan calon guru, perjawatan, penempatan dan kebajikan guru.

Teras ke 6 : Melonjakkan Kecemerlangan Institusi Pendidikan
Usaha melonjakkan kecemerlangan institusi pendidikan adalah dengan membentuk kluster kecemerlangan sekolah berasaskan akademik, kokurikulum dan sukan atau bidang-bidang khusus [niche areas]. Sekolah-sekolah terpilih dalam kluster ini akan dirangkaikan dengan institusi ternama tempatan dan luar negara, menawarkan pelbagai peperiksaan peringkat antarabangsa seperti International Baccalaureate dan dijadikan sekolah contoh. Sekolah-sekolah yang dikenal pasti daripada kluster ini akan dijadikan penanda aras dan showcase pada peringkat antarabangsa selaras dengan usaha membangunkan sistem pendidikan berkualiti dan bertaraf dunia.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

All about KPLSPM

Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang ke Universiti Terkemuka Luar Negara.
Institusi yang mengendalikan Kursus Persediaan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains (Matematik, Fizik, Kimia, Biologi dan Pendidikan Khas) :
-International Education Centre (INTEC)
-Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
-Kolej Yayasan United Engineers Malaysia (UEM)
Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang ke universiti terkemuka di luar negara.
Aktiviti Tempat Tempoh semester
Pengajian Persediaan Kolej Persediaan KPM 2 - 4 semester (mengikut kolej pengajian)
Pengajian Ijazah Pertama (Matematik, Fizik, Kimia, Biologi, Pendidikan Khas) Universiti Terkemuka Luar Negara (UK, Aust atau NZ) 6 - 7 semester (mengikut universiti pengajian)
Kursus Perguruan Lepas Ijazah (KPLI) Institusi Pendidikan Guru Malaysia yang akan ditetapkan oleh KPM 2 semester

All these three colleges or universities are famous and top in Malaysia!
I hope i can be one of 150 scholars to be sent to overseas!
Try my luck!
Try my best!
Nothing is impossible for the willing heart- i hope this proverb doesn't lie!
Give me the confidence!
Teacher is also one of the noble careers nowadays!
No one can stop me from getting this scholarship, just the God does its duty!
I need to believe the present of God-sometimes only!
Bcs sometimes, i blamed the God!
Maybe this is my karma!
Whatever, as long as i can study abroad one day!

Semakan calon dipanggil temu duga-29 Apr 2008
Temu duga dijalankan-5 Mei - 30 Mei 2008(Calon menduduki Ujian Sahsiah secara bertulis semasa temu duga. Sila bawa pensil 2B dan pemadam)
Semakan Keputusan Temu duga-10 Jun (PPC & B.Ed. TESL)
Pendaftaran (jangkaani)-14 Julai 2008

I promised, i did it!

To ypy!
I promised, i created it!
just to fulfill my time!
if not, i would not keep the promise!
For fun!
i realize that i lost idea, just created it, not as nice as mine!
Haiz, sorry, no idea at all!
No words for u!
Who want?

365 days per year! What do students do to fulfill the days?

It's not the fault of student if
he/she fails because the year ONLY
has 365 days...
typical academic year for a student:

1. Sundays - 52 Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest.
Days left 313.

2. Holidays - 50 days for fun and difficult to concentrate on study.
Days left 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep - 130 days GONE.
Days left 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing- (good for health) means 15 days.
Days left 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing) - means 30 days.
Days left 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal) - means 15 days.
Days left 81.

7. Exam days - per year at least 35 days.
Days left 46.

8. Quarterly, half yearly and festival (holidays) - 40 days.
Days left 6.

9. For sickness - at least 3 days.
Days left 3.

10. Movies and functions- at least 2 days.
1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday.
How can you study on that day ?!?!?!?!?!

Balance = 0
' How can a student pass ?????'

*Please pass this on and you will have good luck for your
examinations through out your life studying =)
My friend sent this msg to me, i found it very interesting, so i post here!
Have fun!

How to excel in STPM?

Pengajian Am (General Paper)
1.Practise writing essay on the latest and relevant issues of the day.
2.Read Malay language newspapers like Berita Harian and Utusan Melayu daily if possible.
3.Try to master the right of how to draw graphs.
Malaysia University English Test (MUET)
1.Practise writing essay on the latest and relevant issues of the day.
2.Read English language newspapers like The Star and NST daily if possible.
3.Always try to speak in English with your friends.
Mathematics S, T & Further Maths
1.Do Maths daily if possible
2.Do as many past year papers as possible
3.Do Maths and finish it in class so that you can ask your Maths teacher if you do not understand.

Science ( Biology, Chemistry, & Physics )
1.Try to develop an interest in Science as interest will make learning Science fun.
2.Try to see the importance of those subjects for your future career.
3.Practise using quality workbooks.
4.Read Science magazines like Dewan Kosmik for extra knowledge.
1.Try to develop an interest in Geography as interest will make learning Geography fun.
1.Try to develop an interest in History as interest will make learning History fun.
Arts Subjects ( Commerce, Business Administration, Accounts )
1.Try to develop an interest in those subjects as interest will make learning those subjects fun.
2.Try to see the importance of those subjects for your future career.

Friday, April 25, 2008

KB again!

Today, i woke up on 2.30p.m++.
My mum and dad didn't say a word about that!
They asked me to take a shower as fast as possible, i asked them the reason!
They told me that want go to KB!
KB again!
I slept in the car!
First destination, as usual, KB Mall!
I saw Jee Cheng and Eugene, they were waiting the arrival of bus back to TM!
I smsed them, haha, they planned to fool me, but fortunately my first target also same as the place they wanted me to go-Popular Book Shop!
Then, after that, we went to pacific!
Bought somethings then went to Tesco, bought a DVD player and some routine things, then went to aunt's house, gave the calculator to my cousin, then we backed to TM.
To my surprise, Tesco was flooded by people, all trolleys were been taken by the people, when we arrived, there were no more trolley for us, we searched around there, finally got one!
I also bought 3.75 meters of clothes- for what-baju kurung!
I also noticed there were no more uncooked rice and flour!
so big problem!
Why these all problem occurred?

YMM meeting at KB!

I went to kb together with AC ,PY and Tc Liang after my smart reader class!
The meeting started on 6.00p.m, but we arrived on 7.00p.m, the reasons were traffic jams and also we lost. We dunno where the place located!
So, Tc Liang drove till near the airport, then she said impossible, she called someone for help!
We U-turned!
Lots of YMM members, about 20 went for the meeting!
The YMM national Chief also there, we actually went there to have dinner together with the national and state leaders!
Have a nice time there!
Seldom talk!
Just be nothing!
Then we backed on 8.30p.m.
Went to Kebun Sultan first before we came back to TM!
Create blog to ymm tm jaya, as i promised tc Liang, dunno i can equipped with info or not!
just want to try my best, if the time allows me to do so!
go visit! Thx a lot!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

KPLSPM - 5% for non-bumiputras! - Fact!

Try my luck!
Try my Best!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Checking Application Status for STPM/Equivalent and SPM/Equivalent Academic Session 2008/2009 Through Short Messaging System (SMS)
You can check your IPTA's application status by sending SMS UPU Identification Number/MyKad and send it to 32020/ 33310/ 32300. Each sms will be charged RM0.50- RM0.60.

??????-??-????-my ic number!-secret!
Borang permohonan anda telah diterima dan sedang diproses.
Keputusan Permohonan akan dimaklumkan mulai Mei 2008.



That's all!
Good Luck!

Siew La- Jangan Gi tingkatan 6- Counselors advise me!

Today, i went to my former school!
The counselors ask me where i am going to study, i said, if i know, i would not in that room, then i said maybe form 6!
Then, they shocked, and asked me to appeal matriculation, i have done! The reasons why they not encourage me go to form 6 are waste time and waste my excellent results- is that true?. Excellent results- i also wonder!
But, should i go to form 6 first while waiting matriculation offer letter(prediction only)?
They asked me to go to see them again tomorrow, i have appointment with them on 9.00a.m!
They want solve my problem and try to get some options for me, i hope it will really help.
thx, anyway!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who know me well?

On 8.30p.m++, my brother came back!
He asked me whether i want use the computer anymore, then, i said yes!

Then, he said that i had used for the whole day! Omg, i just use it! My parents asked me to give him use, i gave him use! Then, i decided to go out yam cha with friends, i asked for the key!
You know what he said? He said he want use to car, then, i used back the computer bcs he still eating at that moment, he said he want use it, hello, brother, what actually you want? Computer or car? He said both!
Where the justice?
Then my mum asked me to follow them went to "ten-ten", i must go with them!
Then, when i backed from the shop, i saw he was sleeping, now still sleep!
My parents said nth, they just know that they can't make my brother angry, they afraid him, they love him, do they understand my feeling?
They always ask me to be more tolerance with my brother, who want to be more tolerance with me?
Now, just use the computer, can't use the car!
whatever, i just want to study, then i can find the freedom!
In my parents' eyes, i am mature enough, i'm the eldest, i can think maturely, am i?
i just same age as my brother, just few minutes older than him!
Haiz, whatever, as long as you give me enough support to study!

Form 6 2008-12 May-Registration Day!-Go ahead-My Future!


Tarikh pendaftaran tingkatan enam bawah bagi tahun 2008 ialah pada 12 Mei 2008.
Semakan keputusan kemasukan ke tingkatan enam bermula pada 6 Mei 2008 di laman web

Three important things will be happened on 12 May
-JPA announce its scholars on that day!
-Matriculation students will register on that day too!
-I'm going to form 6 too on that day!

--12 May 2008--

100th post=100%? I hope so! Matriculation vs. Form 6!

Well, i admitted that most of my posts are related to education and my scholarships application status!
I can't deny that i love study, but i am not a bookworm!
Yesterday, my mum asked me what i am going to do if i can't get any scholarship and matriculation after i appealed, i told her that i dunno!
Then, i told her maybe i will go to form 6!
After that, she asked me whether i want go to college, i also dunno, actually, i don't want my parents to use their hard-earned money to support my studies, their hard-earned money should be used for their own benefits-they now mid-fourty already! She said if i want to study at college taking A-level or foundation, she still got the money, but for degree(3 or 4 years), she think that she will borrow the money from bank or work harder! But, i know it's difficult to find out such amount of money, then i told her that i will think carefully!
Foundation or any pre-university courses, maybe under FaMa scholarship!
Degree, i can borrow ptptn or sspn money!
If i don't want, i can study form 6 first, then just decided what to do!
Maybe some will think why i think i no chance at all to secure JPA scholarship, am i right?
This is because i think it's better to prepare for the worst consequence, if not, i dunno what to do when i am facing such situation!
If JPA offers me the scholarship, for sure, i will go for it, and then study harder to achieve my dream and my parents' hope!-But, anyone can tell me the chance to secure JPA scholarship?-0%, 10%, 20%, ....., 50%, ..... or 100%?
Well, for matriculation, if my appeal been received and they offer me a place, i still want to think, Why? This is because Matriculation vs. Form 6 case, many argue about this, i also worry about this!

I just copy from and paste them as below-take a look!thx
Matrix: (pros)
- puts student in a college life situation (i.e living in hostels away from home, being independent)
- the course is shorter than form 6 (for those who got one year program)
- can straight away apply for university after graduation (matrix finishes in April, IPTA intake is in may)
- final exams are written by the college itself, not the gov (so students can pester lecturers to give some useful tips)

Form 6: (pros)
- form 6 qualification is recognized by IPTA
- can apply for oversea scholarship/university with STPM qualifications
- get to stay at home
- has a longer time to complete compared to matrix, giving students more time to fully understand the syllabus

Matrix: (cons)
- can only apply to IPTA--meaning you have no chance of studying overseas after you graduate from matrix
- rm1000 allowance given per semester... its quite little actually, and students who does not use their money wisely are sure to run out of it b4 the end of the semester
- matrix is 90% bumi and 10% non-bumi- i just write about real fact-sorry for this statement!

Form 6: (cons)
- after graduating from form 6, students have to wait for 4-5 more months b4 they get to enter university as most universities perform intakes in may
- final exams (STPM) are set by the gov instead of the school teachers.. so no use trying to beg their teachers for hints and tips- i like it!
- form 6 students will be studying in their comfort zones (as they have their parents at home to take care of them), and once they enter university they mite find it hard to cope as they have exited their comfort zone.

Endless debate

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kalendar Akademik Bagi Program Matrikulasi Satu Tahun (PST)

Kalendar Akademik Sesi 2008/2009
Semester I
Bil Minggu
Suaikenal dan Pendaftaran
1 Minggu
12 Minggu
Cuti Pertengahan Semester
2 Minggu
8 Minggu
Minggu Ulangkaji
1 Minggu
1 Minggu
Cuti Akhir Semester
1 Minggu

Kalendar Akademik Sesi 2008/2009
Semester 2
Bil. Minggu
10 Minggu
Cuti Pertengahan Semester
1 Minggu
10 Minggu
Minggu Ulangkaji
1 Minggu
1 Minggu

Tarikh Penting:

a) 21-22 Julai 2008 ( Ujian Pertengan Semester 1)
b) Ujian MUET Akhir Tahun :
i) 14-16 Oktober 2008 dan 20-22 Oktober 2008 (Speaking)
ii) 8 November 2008 (Listening, Reading and Writing)
c) 12-13 Januari 2009 ( Ujian Pertengan Semester ii)

Hope my blog will help you all those got the matriculation offers!

Good Luck!!!

Tomorrow--22 APRIL 2008--Earth DaY

Earth Day is a name used for two different observances, both held annually during spring in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern hemisphere. These are intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. The United Nations celebrates Earth Day, which was founded by John McConnell in 1969, each year on the March equinox, while a global observance originated by Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, and since January 1970 also called Earth Day, is celebrated in many countries each year on April 22, including the U.S.

Earth Day Ecology Flag

According to Flags of the World, the Ecology Flag was created by cartoonist Ron Cobb, and was published for the first time in October 25, 1969. The flag was patterned after the flag of the United States, and had thirteen stripes alternating green and white. Its canton was green with a yellow Theta. It originally had a symbol that was a combination of the letters "E" and "O" taken from the words "Environment" and "Organism", respectively. Later flags used either a Theta because of its historic use as a warning symbol, or the Peace Symbol. Theta would later become associated with Earth Day.

As a 16 year old high school student, Betsy Vogel, an environmental advocate and social activist that enjoyed sewing costumes and unique gifts, made a 4 x 6-foot (1.8 m) green and white "theta" ecology flag to commemorate the first Earth Day. Initially denied permission to fly the flag at C.E. Byrd High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Vogel sought and received authorization from the Louisiana Legislature and Louisiana Governor John McKeithen in time to display the flag for Earth Day.


KPLSPM-i applied it, but.....

4,726 bakal guru daftar di 27 IPG Julai--

Kementerian Pelajaran menerima 108,394 permohonan dari seluruh negara untuk mengisi 4,726 tempat ditawarkan menerusi enam KPLSPM pada sesi ini.
108394 applicants, only 4726 will be given the chances to further their studies at institut pendidikan guru (IPG)!
Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang Ke Luar Negara yang mengunjurkan pengambilan 150 pelajar. -- i applied this program!
--chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and science-- these are the critical subjects!
--i Chose Physics as my first choice, mathematics as my second choice!--but, can i teach?
Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan (Pengajaran Bahasa Inggeris Sebagai Bahasa Kedua/TESL) (500), Program Kembar Bahasa Perancis (15), Program Kembar Bahasa Jerman (15) dan Program Kembar Bahasa Cina (100).
Program Perguruan Pendidikan Rendah yang mengunjurkan pengambilan 3,946 pelajar di 27 IPG seluruh negara.--most of my friends applied this!--Program ini membabitkan pengajian selama empat tahun, selain kursus persediaan selama satu setengah tahun, dan pelajar akan memperoleh ijazah sarjana muda perguruan apabila bergraduat.
Pemilihan calon berjaya bergantung kepada kedudukan merit skor akademik, prestasi dalam temu duga dan keputusan INSAK, selain memberi keutamaan kepada calon yang aktif dalam kegiatan kokurikulum.

Permohonan diterima daripada 152 calon yang memperoleh keputusan cemerlang 12A dalam peperiksaan SPM tahun lalu, diikuti 11A (352), 10A (670), 9A (1,062), 8A (1,428), 7A (2,297), 6A (3,635) dan selebihnya 5A ke bawah.

I am one of the 152 12A applicants!
But, Can i teach?
That time, i just applied for fun, honestly, i just want to try my luck!
Now, what should i do if i been shortlisted for the interview?
Should i go to the interview and show them my passion to become a teacher?
Dilemma again!
()()()() ()()()() ()
() () () ()
()()()() ()()()() ()
() () ()
() ()()()() ()()()()


Talk about opportunities, i have several opinions!
First, everyone got the chance to success, but there are various way towards success!
--slow but steady--this might be my way now although i hope not!
--fast and steady--this might be impossible for me right now!
--luck--maybe someone win the lottery!--is that possible for me?
--success since born--this is very very rare, but it's possible!
--success at the last minute--this is for those don't put any effort to do everything before he or she realize that he or she is going to die!
Second, create the chances by own!--Nobody is going to give you any chances if you don't have any reasonable reasons that why you should be given the chance!
Third, LUCK!-sorry, i don't believe the present of GOD 100%--religion factor--
That's all!
Slow but steady

Sunday, April 20, 2008

12A means nth now!

Nth, nth and nth!
Sorry, i am very frustrated now!
I also dunno why i no mood now!
Really no mood!
Lazy to talk
Lazy to reply msg
Lazy to chat
Lazy to write blog
Lazy to do everything
All these happen just because i dunno where i am going after this.
Where? Which?
JPA, will i get it?
Matrik, will i be the second intake student?
Sime Darby, is that still got the chance?
Today 20 April 2008!
Is that my fault for apply oversea courses?
Who should i blame for?
For the excellent results?
Haiz, i can't blame gov, bcs they got the rule!
I understand y i have been rejected by matrik!
Bcs only 10 % for non-bumis!
12A for nth or
Nth for 12A!
i also dunno!
i dunno whether i better go to private college or form 6 if i failed JPA!
Y i need to be in such dilemma?
is that my fault?
Haiz! is that i think too much?
i need to be more open-minded?
or i just wait for my jpa?
anyone can answer my questions?
smile, i can't!
cry, i try hard to prevent it!
sleep, while sleeping i also think about my path after this!
eat, i am fat enough!
hang out with friends, no money to do so dy!
go to die, i don't want my name on the first page of newspapers just because of my crazy action!
TV, i hate to beg ppl!
be open-minded, i try to be, but it's difficult!
write letter to LPM to take back my results, i want to do so if you can sure i can further my study!-of course it's a joke!
think nth, prepare for f6, if can, i also hope that my mind stop thinking of impossible things. but what to do, i can't control it and i got the feeling too!
what's more?
My advise to the juniors, if you don't want to be in dilemma like what i am facing now, score only moderate results such as 7A or 8A, enough! IF u think that you will not be unlucky as what happened to me, go ahead! Best of luck!
i also wonder why i am moody now!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

19th April 2008

I don't have the mood to write about what had happened today!
This is because today is really a combination of mood day!
Thank for this unforgettable Day!
For Chu Yang, Jee Cheng and Ai Cing, you all are facing the same problem, but pls don't blame yourselves, it's fate, nobody is fault!
For the others including me, we just can give the moral support to them, that's all!
Especially Pui Chin, today is your birthday!
Happy Birthday!
WE all Happy!
Although the cake was not perfect, we ate it and it tasted nice!
Good luck!
Today i saw the value of friendships!
Thank you!
That's all! Nth to write about!
No mood!

STPM -Form6- 99% is my route! - all about it!

STPM menggunakan sistem Nilai Gred Mata Pelajaran. Terdapat 11 gred, iaitu A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+ dan D, dengan F sebagai status Gagal.

Nilai Gred Mata Pelajaran

  • A - 4.00 (Lulus Penuh)-i want to score it for every subjects i will sit for STPM! Show to them my consistency!
  • A- - 3.67 (Lulus Penuh)
  • B+ - 3.33 (Lulus Penuh)
  • B - 3.00 (Lulus Penuh)
  • B- - 2.67 (Lulus Penuh)
  • C+ - 2.33 (Lulus Penuh)
  • C - 2.00 (Lulus Penuh)
  • C- - 1.67 (Lulus Sebahagian)
  • D+ - 1.33 (Lulus Sebahagian)
  • D - 1.00 (Lulus Sebahagian)
  • F - 0.00 (Gagal)

Gred setiap kertas peperiksaan dinyatakan dalam slip keputusan dan juga sijil.

Mata pelajaran

Calon STPM menduduki maksimum 5 mata pelajaran. Kertas peperiksaan bagi mata pelajaran sains dan matematik seperti Mathematics S, Mathematics T, Further Mathematics T, Computing, Physics, Chemistry, dan Biology ditawarkan dalam dwibahasa, iaitu bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Melayu sehingga 2007 di mana kertas peperiksaan bagi mata pelajaran tersebut ditawarkan dalam bahasa Inggeris sepenuhnya. Bagi mata pelajaran yang lain, kertas peperiksaan masih disediakan dalam bahasa Melayu atau bahasa masing-masing.

Bagi peperiksaan STPM, pengambilan sebarang kombinasi mata pelajaran adalah dibenarkan, iaitu pengambilan apa-apa mata pelajaran adalah dibenarkan. Walau bagaimanapun, kebanyakan pelajar yang memohon universiti tempatan diwajibkan mengambil Pengajian Am. Kebanyakan sekolah atau kolej menawarkan kombinasi mata pelajaran berdasarkan aliran sains atau kemanusiaan.

Senarai mata pelajaran yang ditawarkan:

  • 900 Pengajian Am-compulsory
  • 910 Bahasa Melayu
  • 911 Bahasa Cina
  • 912 Bahasa Tamil
  • 913 Bahasa Arab
  • 920 Literature in English
  • 922 Kesusasteraan Melayu
  • 930 Syariah
  • 931 Usuluddin
  • 940 Sejarah
  • 942 Geografi
  • 944 Ekonomi
  • 946 Pengajian Perniagaan
  • 948 Perakaunan
  • 950 Mathematics S--my choice
  • 954 Mathematics T
  • 956 Further Mathematics T--extra one! maximum 5 subjects!
  • 958 Computing
  • 960 Physics--my choice
  • 962 Chemistry--compulsory for science stream
  • 964 Biology
  • 966 Sains Sukan
  • 970 Seni Visual
Study Smart, Struggle Hard,
Just for a better future!

Friday, April 18, 2008

SiMe Darby interview was over- round 1-

I just can describe it with one word-
i arrived Wisma Sime Darby on 7.00a.m.
Then, i went in the Wisma, took the lift to 13th floor!
I saw Joe An there, we chatted, then we decided to took the lift to Ground floor!
This was because there was nobody inside the office!
At Ground flour, we met another recommer, Thia Lyn!
Her dad spoke in English with us!
Omg, seen English is their mother tongue!
Then, we went 13th floor again!
We waited there, more and more candidates arrived!
Then, Miss Zerizan asked us to enter the training room!
We all together 26 candidates! Most of them are from boarding school, English school or cluster school!
Miss Zerizan told us that for the first round, there are 84 candidates have been shortlisted, then they will cut down the numbers to 54 candidates for the second round interview!
Then, Miss Zerizan asked us to hand out the photocopy of certificates and took the name card!
After that, we were divided into 2 groups, i was in group B!
Group A would do the group discussion first and then after lunch, they would do the solo interview, and vice-verse for group B.
That was also meant that group A could back earlier if they were interviewed by interviewers first!
For group A, no need to move!
While for group B(me, thia lyn, dylan, dheiva, barath, daniel, kershia, julita, hui chi, avinash, kok peng, hanif, ken, and one more boy[i forgot his name dy, sorry]), we went into a room and waited there!
While waiting, we chit-chat!
I was the Fourth to be interviewed by panel 2!
I was very nervous!
i went to toilet for almost 10 times!
After the solo interview, we had lunch in the pantry!
I sat together with 3 recommers(Daniel, Joe An & Amanlina).
Then, group discussion time, i did very bad!
I unable to elaborate about the points!
I was in Group 3(me, kok peng, dheiva, dylan and ken), they had lots of idea! Before that, we had been asked to write an essay, same topic as group discussion-drug addiction!
i think that i failed to manage to second round!
Anyway, Good luck to all who went to interview on 17 april 2008 especially Group B!
You all really are the best amongst the best!
Some of them are top students!
Some of them went through felda, petronas or khazanah interview!
Some of them managed to go to second round of these interview!
All the best!
Nice to meet you all!
I felt that i was not outstanding enough to secure this scholarship!
About the solo interview, i just crapping!
They asked about family, leadership, reasons and many "how" questions.
Anyway, it was an unforgettable experience!
Thank you, sime darby for giving me a chance to attend the interview process!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last post before depart from TM to KL! My feeling!

My feelings-nervous+happy+worry+frustrated+excited+......etc!
Wisma Sime Darby is waiting for my present!
84 ppl are shortlisted for first round!
they're cutting down to 54 for the next round.
only 20 will be given scholarships
I will do my best!
Just now, i appeal for matriculation!
All are Hope, All are Hope,
I want a real hope!
As long as i am living now!
Congratulate for those who want to go to matriculation!
Those who failed, don't give up!
Write letter to KPM and MCA!
I just can say try, but not to say confirm you can get it apply appeal!
--wish me good luck--
--nth to lose--
--the only one--


Dukacita dimaklumkan, anda tidak berjaya.
To those who successfully been selected, congratulation,
To those who have been rejected again, pls don't give up, there IS a better thing for you to grab!
Same as Me! others use such statement to persuade me! Haiz!
Anyway, good luck!
To those who are going to check their status-
go here-
But i lazy to sms, and write in my blog way to sms, bcs it's a waste of money!
just online and check!
U can appeal!
Will i appeal?
the form can download from here- just for Chinese!
For others race, go to UMNO or MIC web!
If you don't want involve politics,
You can just post your SPM results and also one surat rayuan to KPM!
That's all!
Good luck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today morning, i went to bank together with pc!
Before that, we had a breakfast first!
We met Lek Aing's mum there bcs she was working there!
Ok, at the first moment i entered the CIMB bank, i dunno where i wanted to go!
Then, i went to the counter, i handed the paper to the officer there, at first, he said can't open the account, bcs i forgot to bring my parents' ori ic!
Then, he said nvm, bcs i got take confirmation from someone!
Thank God!
But, later on, he said can open although not confirmation!
Whatever, as long as i can open the account!
Bcs i afraid nobody want to sponsor me to further my studies!
Hehe, as a backup!
Have a nice Day!
I'm going to SMART READER, but need to fetch py first!

JPA-12 May 2008

Interview of JPA Finished dy!
Now, i'm waiting for the results come out!
The second week of May!
"Mohon kerjasama calon-calon untuk tidak menghubungi JPA sehingga keputusan dikeluarkan bagi melicinkan proses penawaran biasiswa."
The above statement is very important!
So, pls don't disturb JPA officers!

All about SIME DARBY Interview!

last year!
wrote 3 essays.-- 2 of them are about sime darby!
Group discussion
Solo interview!

It's alright!
I need to do some homework!
Memorizing the facts about Sime Darby!
I scare that i will forget all on the interview day!
Business, sime darby is all rounded!
Plantation, industrial, motors, energy and utilities(kegunaan), growing businesses(china), healthcare(Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), Megah Medical Specialist Group and the SJMC Academy of Nursing & Health Sciences), other businesses like manufacturing(tyres) and travel & tourism( HRG Malaysia)!
Many more need to remember!
Haiz, y i bad in memorizing facts?
i will try my best!
Nothing is impossible!
Good Luck!
Nice to meet you all those are going to sime darby interview on this coming Thursday!

Second time! talking! nervous+no idea!

Yesterday, i went to Smart Reader.
At the moment i walked in the class, i was nervous, tc ask me to stand in front straight away, but i told her that i was going to toilet, then i went to toilet!
After 3 minutes, i came back to the classroom, i was afraid, i straight away sat down on chair!
So lucky, tc called others out first, i was the last!
My performance for yesterday was much much better than the day before- according to tc- thank GOD!
I talked about my routine and then talked about the price of uncooked rice!
That's all!
Before i went out to talk, i was thinking what i was going to talk about!
I thought that i would talk about my new hand phone or something related to technology, but unexpected, i talked about something else!
Thank God!

Just Back from KB!

i went to Kb to buy clothes!
What's the use of new clothes?
I'm going to wear these clothes on this coming Thursday!
Wisma Sime DArby is waiting for my present!
I will depart from TM on wednesday night together with my parents!
Then, we will arrive KL about 4a.m.
So, then we will find where is it located!
After that, we will have breakfast at KL town!
That's all!

Monday, April 14, 2008

PETRONAS or jpa? JPA or petronas? Thank god, i am exception for such dilemma!

Got rumours said that
"Once candidates got jpa interview that means the rest of other scholarships that candidates applied will be rejected automatically."

"Candidates can only secure one scholarship, it's either petronas or jpa!"

"If candidates have been offered by JPA, then they will not been offered by Petronas or vice-verse!"

"If candidates got Petronas scholarships, they won't get JPA scholarships, or vice-verse!"

Above statements have made many candidates in dilemma!
So, i hope someone will give some appropriate opinion!
Are the statement true?
How far?
I also dunno!
Some of candidates said that they had called the officers, then the officers said yes, some said no!
So, how?
Hmm, better to call BOTH!
I wouldn't help!
Bcs i have been rejected by petronas!
Be open-minded, that's all!

Finally, my patience paid off!

I can on9 now bcs my brother went out dy!
I am going to write about yesterday experience!
I woke up on 12++.
Then, went to BSN, to open SSPN account!
But, the worker there told me that i was unable to open the account bcs BSN didn't have the form at the moment, he advised me to go to Maybank and ask!
But, that time, i was waiting for my friends, haiz, bad luck, i thought we would meet at BSN, i was waiting for a long period, then my friends called me, and they said that they were in CIMB bank, oMG.
Then, i walked to CIMB bank, met they there, luckily, there got the form, i Took the form back!
THen, i went to SMArt ReaDER, got one new member, i knew him dy, Duncan Choo!
Yesterday, presantation Day, oMG, i was the first person to talk in front of the classmates, i was crapping!
Blur, the Tc say my idea was immature and Childish!
She was comparing me and phey yong!
4 factors made phey yong won me!
-ideas smooth
-good pronunciation
Okay, it's alright!
Today, i will be the first person to talk again!
I'm afraid, nervous, scare, etc!
Nvm, i'm going to interview, so i need to gain my confidence!
Sime darby is waiting my present!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tonight, meeting about YMM camp!

The camp
24-26 april 2008!
Pcb resort!
Maybe i will be one of the committee members!
Hmm, many things we discussed, about the costs, the activities, etc.
Then, about 11p.m, we went out yam cha!
At payung!
Talk and talk and talk!
Pc birthday coming soon, we decided to do a party for her!
but i cant promise, maybe still at kl!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I wonder y! Anyone?

I have been rejected by petronas!
But i have been shortlisted for sime darby scholarship!
Petronas shortlisted more than 1000 applicants to the Educamp while Sime Darby only shortlisted not more than 100 applicants to attend the interview!
Y Petronas rejected my application?
Hmm, no one know the answer, now, what can i do is focus on Sime Darby interview!
Sime Darby, Thank You!
Petronas, Thank You too for making me wonder Y<>
Sime darby, what am i going to do?
For the preparation, i long time no write an essay!
Very afraid!
Haiz, Try my best to improve my english communication skill now!
Till today, i just attend jpa interview!
That's only my experience, less than 1 hour experience!
While Sime Darby will be almost 9 hours!
No pain no gain!


Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa permohonan anda tidak berjaya.

PETRONAS mengucapkan Selamat Maju Jaya di dalam bidang yang bakal
anda ceburi

Sekian, terima kasih.

Finally, i failed for petronas educamp!
Haiz, all my preparations for educamp are useless!
The forms i printed out and went to find principal for many times just to confirmed my cert!
Now, i will use the cert for sime darby!
haiz, good luck to those are going to educamp!
Best of luck!
A big bang to me!
i'm not expected that i will not been shortlisted for the camp!
haiz, rm20, bye, bye!
Need to focus on sime darby interview, i hope i can get it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Frustrated! Sime Darby!

My parents asked me to change the interview date, actually i not so willing to ask them and change the date, i think this will bother them, haiz, as a daughter, i must think about their difficulty.
Anyway, i have called for many times, but nobody hold the phone.
Then, i email them/
Yupe, they call me back
But, i was in the toilet!
Now how?
How? How? How?
will i be rejected?
Will i go?
will i be selected?
will they think that i'm bothering them?
Best of luck!
i will confirm the attendance tomorrow night, is that too late?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interview Request from Yayasan Sime Darby Pre-University Scholarship (for SPM leavers)

Dear Pang,

Thank you for your application to the Yayasan Sime Darby Pre-University Scholarship Award for 2008.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for first-level interview and assessment. The details of your session is as below:

Date/Day : Apr 17 2008 8:00AM
Venue : 13th Floor, Wisma Sime Darby, Jalan Raja Laut, KL 50350
Dress code : Office Attire (Candidates inappropriately dressed will not be interviewed)

Will i go?
Thank God!

GraDUatiOn Day! 10 April 2008!

On 7.30a.m++, i arrived school..
Got ppl earlier than me, one of them was heyday<>
Then, i saw Fifah & Aisya, they arrived on the same time as me!
Then, my chinese friends arrived, hp and lih huey arrived first before ac, then pc & pn, then phei chin and last kelyin!
The boys arrived late a bit than us!
Many parents went to school together with the their children who would graduate soon!
First, we needed to pay RM20..
Haiz, i was the first person the received the award, i think i would get the cover of the cert, but when i went out the door, tc took from me! so pity!
i got RM100, but actually was Rm80, bcs we paid rm20 before!
tc said that only 3 ppl received rm100, i guess is fifah, chi phoy and me, myself_psl!
Others got rm 50...
Then, the formal ceremony finished, we went out the hall and gave back the jubah to the tcs, they gave us the cert, just a normal cert, nth special!
But i think it's worth!
We took some pics!
Happy moment>>

YTM rejected my application!

Web Links-scholarships!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Aiyo, mengapa beGitu BoRiNG?. Y so "rojak" lanGuage?

Today, pergi smart reader EnGliSh LaNguAge!
"Madam" Carolyn asked to write a letter to LeMbaGa PePerIksaan MaLaySiA(LPM), U tahu
Saya berpentasi terlalu teruk dalam kelas dia, i don't have A1 standard!
She ask me to menulis surat kepada lpm to inform them, ask them to tarik balik my a1...
i will prove to her that my A1 not a luck, that's my ability! Walau, so serious!
Haha, i admitted that my english is Bad, but i am trying to improve it!
i will use the same method as i had done for my bc, for D to A2!
English, i am going to get know about me a bit deeper, hope u welcome my present!
WAit n See!
No pain No gain!
I'm ready>><<
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

My scholarships application status!

JPA-- i had went through interview and online test!
Sime darby-- Phone interview
Tnb-- KO
Khazanah nasional-- KO
Petronas-- Still dunno
ASEAN-- Receive acknowledgeable email only! Waiting!
KPLSPM-- Still dunno, this 29 Apr just can know, I'm been shortlisted or not!
UPU-- No hope dy, bcs i not key in my spm results, haiz, this also affected my friends, i just know the way of key in the results yesterday, sorry, friends! i cant do anything dy, my fault! click on permohonan, not on kemas kini!.. haiz, regretted not phone them and ask... Sorry, big mistake! my mistake! Friends-some Chinese and Malay friends, very very sorry!
Matrikulasi- still dunno, this 16 apr just can know!

Horton Hears a Who! (2008)

Going to watch this 3D cartoon soon!
i just watch trailer,
the link for the movie is


after watching this, pls comment! thx

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RM500?.. Haiz,

Problem, problem & problem!
RM 500!
maybe bcs of not trusting others, i want go take the form by my own!
Maybe it's my wrong...
Now, settle!
don't want to elaborate more!
today went to kb for fun, i spent about rm150!
haiz, nvm la.....

Walau, y wake up so early?

Now, 7.30a.m., i wake up dy!
Going to school!
Rehearsal of graduation day!
Want go to eat breakfast!
Nth to do!

Monday, April 7, 2008

i'm using 2630! rm340 only!

haiz, my 1110 cant detect my sim card, my mum gave me money to buy new phone by my own, so, last nite, when lim teh, went to nearby shop bought new phone lo, the functions is ok lo, suitable for me, the bad thing is not mmc lo, others ok! now, high tech hp not my target, my target is one laptop! still waiting!

My CPU Has Been Sent To The Clinic!

HAiz, cant on9!
Now using my mum's pc!
CAnt let her know, if not, i will be scolded!
Now, nobody at home, hehe!
Going to off9, sorry for not update for these few days!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Semakan adalah untuk permohonan Pra -Universiti sahaja


Harap maaf. Permohonan anda tidak berjaya.


Anyway, nvm!

those r apply and want to check their application status!

Go here!

JPA Interview 2008>my unforgettable experience!

Venue> Ptpl, KB, Kelantan
i went to ptpl together with afifah and my dad!
We arrive there about 9a.m.
A bit nervous, the place is flooded by students with formal clothes!
i saw some boys wore coat but big percentage not!
For girls, all wore baju kurung!
Then, the clerk there asked to check all the document, then asked me to find a place to sit!
but, i just stand near the door together with afifah, hmm, saying about new friends, i think that's a few, bcs i can see that chinese with chinese, malay with malay, but not all la!
Then, about 10.30a.m, they called my name, i thought i was the first to be interview as on the board, my name was on the first place, but i got number 6! the last one in that group!
Then, we followed the clerk to the room, but after that, we need to wait again, that time was the time that we can self intro, knowing other members strength and weakness!
Hmm, my group consisted by 5 girls and 1 boys, i'm the only chinese in the group, the others are malays!
First, the panel asked us to self intro, just stated our name and former school only!
Then, the forum i think, bcs no discussion amongst us throughout the interview!
Bi question is visit malaysia year 2007
Bm question is sekolah kluster!
i quite nervous, for bi, i be the firsst person to give my opinion, i just say about eye on malaysia and f1 sepang, then others gave their own opinion, then back to my turn, the panel asked about the promotion, others gave their opinion first, i talked about it's not really successful in our own country, but successful to the foreign! last question, asked about way to improve it, then i said asked Malaysians to play their own role, that's all for bi.
While for bm, i let others to give their opinion first, bcs i not quite sure what is cluster school, then i be the 2nd, fortunate i remember about the politics in cluster school, so i elaborate more on that, next question is the distance of academic achievement between students in rural and urban areas, how do i think? i just say about the tc in rural area r new graduate tc, not much expirence, so the academic in that area was not quite good, then last question, ask about the conclusion, i think i just elaborate and took back the point before!
Overall, i just talked for 6 times, 3 sentences per time!
At last, the panel askes us got question to ask them, then i ask when the results come out?
they informed us that is 12 mei! hope for that!
Bye, that's all, good luck!