Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last post before depart from TM to KMPH!

Tomorrow, i will register at kmph as new student there!
Today, i fulfilled my time with shopping, the biggest amount given out was RM2499, i bought a laptop! Not my money, of course!
The form 6 and SMK TM 1 were just my waiting points!
I hope i will study hard there as the course offered there is physical science and is not pure science! Thank god!
If i got time, i will online and update my blog! That's all, thank you!

Dilemma again-I got kolej matrikulasi Pahang!


Tahniah! Anda telah ditawarkan ke Program Matrikulasi,
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

Program Pengajian : Pogram Satu Tahun
Kursus: M001 - SAINS
Nama kolej: 19-KM PAHANG
Tarikh Mendaftar: 22 Mei 2008

Sila Hubungi Talian Bantuan di 03-8884 4100 Bahagian Matrikulasi Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (8.30 pagi - 4.30 petang hari bekerja) jika ada sebarang kemusykilan.

Sila Berhubung terus dengan kolej pengajian tentang urusan pendaftaran dan lain-lain.

Yuran Pengajian.

1. Matrikulasi Perakaunan - RM 212.00

2. Matrikulasi Sains 1 tahun - RM 220.00

3. Matrikulasi Sains 2 tahun - RM 160.00

Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang : Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia
Lot 6737, Gambang
26300 Kuantan
No. Telefon : 09 - 5495000
No Faks : 09 - 5499612

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Majlis perasmian penutup minggu haluan pelajar tingkatan enam bawah sesi 2008

For your information, this formal ceremony started from 9.15a.m. till 11.00a.m. The longest speech was given by our principal, about 30 minutes! After the principal giving the speech, the prizes and awards were given to the winners. My group, group 6 got the 3rd place! Besides that, they-the PERTINAM had selected Ashyar(Group 6's leader) and me as the pelajar terbaik sepanjang MHP! Congratulations to all! I opened the present, the school is so generous, i got a reference book titled pengajian am terbitan oxfard fajar bakti! Thank you! But, will i use it in my future? Anyway, i hope i will use it beneficially!
Tomorrow will be the celebration day of teachers' day, i will be one of the judges of station games!
Nothing much happen today, Chemistry lesson today made me asleep! The concept which were given by teacher, i couldn't accept and understand! I tried to interrupt but i failed to do so! Haiz~
I think i need to learn it by my own!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Semakan Temuduga Rayuan Kursus Perguruan Lepas SPM Ambilan Julai 2008 (tangguh)


PENGUMUMUMAN : Dimaklumkan bahawa SEMAKAN TEMUDUGA RAYUAN KURSUS PERGURUAN LEPAS SPM AMBILAN JULAI 2008 yang dijadualkan siarannya pada 21hb Mei 2008(Rabu) telah ditangguhkan kepada tarikh 27hb Mei 2008(Selasa).

Harap Maklum.

For those who are waiting for the appealing results! Please be patience!

About me!-Recent news!

First of all, i would like to say sorry to all of my blog's readers for not updating my blog recently!
Recently, i started my form 6's lessons at SMK Tanah Merah 1. Today was the last day of orientation week for evening session. I can come back to my home after 1.20p.m and no need to rush to school again! Thank, finally, it's over! The activities arranged and organized by the PERTINAM sometimes were good, sometimes were very boring! Sorry to say that!
The activities that my group got the 1st place are treasure hunt and show time! Congratulations to my group members!
These both activities i participated and i found them interesting! I was not expected that our group's dikir barat performance won the first place! For the treasure hunt, we shown the co-operation's spirits and we won!
For the 14th May's activities, i was absent, but according to my group members, we lost~
Before i forget, i am the assistant of leader of my group but i not play my role well, i was absent for twice! Haha~To my group(group 6), I'm sorry! You all chose the wrong person to be the penolong ketua kumpulan 6~
So far so good!
Tomorrow will be the day of everything!
The sualkenal will be ended officially tomorrow, got the penyampaian hadiah's ceremony!
I hope my group will be awarded at least 3rd place!
Well, the orientation week will be ended soon, will this coming Thursday be my last day at SMK TM 1? I hope not, i am falling in love with form 6's life! It is challenging and the seniors are helpful!
Matrikulasi, i hope i will fail!
For your information, this coming Thursday is the Teachers' Day for SMK TM1, i gave my name to teacher to become a volunteer! Strange? But, that's my own decision. I am doing what i want to do, nothing to be shame! Haha.
I have change my thought towards form 6!
Hope i can sit for STPM next year!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What it takes to get a PSD scholarship-From NST

Brilliant school-leavers: there's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is, 9 A1s may not be enough to get you a Public Service Department scholarship to study overseas. The competition is stiff and the application is over-subscribed by over 700 per cent. The good news is, you can still apply for a scholarship to study locally, and it's quite easy to get. ANIZA DAMIS speaks to Public Service director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam.

Q: Can you explain the PSD scholarship offer to all students who get 9As?

A: Sometimes, the press provides a certain perspective that can be misunderstood by honest people, like on May 2 when the chief secretary issued a statement which says, among others, that students who got 9As in the 2007 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia exam will be offered scholarships, from Form Six until the first degree, locally.

Q: Locally?

A: That was the statement.
The PSD offers two kinds of scholarships. One is for the overseas degree programme and the other is for the local degree programme.

On May 11, we published on our website the results of people who have succeeded in getting the overseas scholarship.

The overseas programme is very competitive. The criteria is 70 points for academic excellence, 10 points for interview, 10 points for family economic background and 10 points for co-curricular activities.

But after the announcement, you see in another English daily a lot of people complaining the government promised that those with 9As can get scholarship. Nine 9As is for local studies. Not foreign.

For the foreign degree programme, you may get 11 A1s. This means you get 70 marks for academic excellence. But you may lose out in the other 30 points.

You may lose out if your father earns RM50,000 a month — you’ll probably get two points out of 10.

If you get 11 A1s and your father is earning RM3,000 a month and you want to do engineering or medicine, probably you’ll get it.

So, academic excellence alone does not guarantee a scholarship.

That newspaper said students with 12 A1s and 11 A1s are not getting the scholarship. But that 11 A1s only qualifies you for 70 per cent (of the evaluation score).

Q: Just how competitive is it?

A: For the overseas degree programme, we have 2,000 places.

Q: And how many applicants did you get for the 2,000 scholarships?

A: More than 15,000. And of this, half — 7,500 — made the cut.

Q: How did you filter them?

A: If you want to do medicine, you must have at least A2 for biology. If you get B3, you’re out. You should refer to our website for some details. That’s how they get screened out.

The 7,500 who are fighting for the 2,000 places get full marks for academic excellence.

For co-curricular activities, if you are just a member (of a society), it’s not enough. Other students represent the country, so surely they will get 10 points. Being a school prefect may get you five points.

And then, the interview. Sometimes, an academically good student may not perform well in an interview. We ask questions to assess their level of general knowledge. Let’s say, “What is your opinion of the development of sports in Malaysia?” If you don’t read the newspaper, you won’t know that our football team is number 140-whatever in the world ranking.

They will get two or three students to discuss the issues (in front of the interviewers) and we will observe. We are going to spend a lot of money on these students. So, they are our investment.

If we don’t get good students (it will be a waste). Even then, out of the 2,000, there will be some failures; as with any other investment.

Q: How do we get these students to come back after they’ve completed their studies?

A: We have a contract and (if they don’t come back) they have to pay.

Before 2003, if you broke your bond, you or your guarantor had to pay. The amount was less than what was spent on you. But now, the penalty is the actual cost (of what was spent on the student).

So, before this, if you were doing medicine, you had to pay RM160,000, which is less than a year’s scholarship. We spend RM1.2 million for each medical student.

But over 90 per cent of our students come back. The ones who don’t come back are mostly medical students. If they don’t come back, we get their guarantors.

Q: How many students have applied for local scholarships?

A: We will only open the applications in June. For local studies, we don’t have much of a problem. We offer 10,000 scholarships. And it’s not that popular. This is a trend we have noticed.

Local education is highly subsidised, unless you do medicine.

If you do economics or law, it’s not that expensive. But if you take a government scholarship, you’ve got to serve the government for five years.

So, some of these students get their fathers to pay. Then they don’t have to serve the government. That’s why it’s easier to get (the scholarship) because it’s not so competitive.

The requirement for a local scholarship is 80 points for academic excellence and 20 points for parents’ economic background. That’s all. And you must have secured a place in a local university.

It must be a critical subject. We don’t give scholarships for every subject. It’s medicine, engineering, dentistry, economics, law, psychology and so on.

Q: What about the case of K. Kamine Devi from Sitiawan, who had 10 A1s and who had applied for a scholarship to study medicine overseas, and didn’t get a scholarship? And she did not get a place for matriculation in a local university. So, what does a person have to do to get a PSD scholarship?

A: There are also others besides PSD. There’s Tenaga Nasional Bhd, Mara, Petronas and other companies that a student can apply to.

The foreign degree programme has 2,000 places, as mentioned earlier. This is for critical areas like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, biotechnology and selective social sciences. And the criteria is 70,10,10,10.

Then we have local scholarships. Beginning this year, those who have 9As and are in Form Six or matriculation are eligible for sponsorship right through their first degree. If they don’t get into university, that’s it. It ends at Form Six or matriculation.

There is another avenue, but it is a longer road. From this year, any Malaysian who gets into an Ivy League university (in the United States) or Oxford and Cambridge (in Britain) or the Group of Eight in Australia, will be sponsored by the government, but again, in specified fields of study.

If you didn’t do well in SPM, you still have a chance. Do A-Levels and work your butt off and get into Harvard, and a scholarship will be waiting for you.

There’s another package. If you get into a local foreign university (a foreign university that has a Malaysian campus) — Nottingham, Monash, Curtin and Swinburne — you are also eligible for a PSD scholarship.

So, there are a lot of avenues.

Of course, the “jewel” is the foreign degree programme.

I was told by the Education Ministry that 6,262 students scored straight As last year. The competition is great.

A mother emailed me that the son did well but didn’t get a PSD scholarship. So I called her. I found out that her son is a pure science student but wants to do accountancy. He didn’t do accounting in Form Five.

I told her to check with her son whether he would consider doing engineering. But he refused. So, since he is doing his A-Levels, I told him to do it very well and go to an Ivy League university, and we will sponsor him. So, that is what he is targeting now.

The alternatives are there, as never before.

Q: What about post-graduate studies? The PSD only offers scholarships for post-graduate studies to graduates who are first degree PSD scholars.

A: I know. Somebody complained. We have an excellence programme for PSD scholars who do well (first-class) in areas that the government requires.

But we also have the Agong’s Scholarship for a dozen people.

This is for the crème de la crème. We get special people to do the selecting. It’s for Malaysians studying locally or abroad.

First-class is the basic requirement. They can go anywhere in the world. They get double the allowance.

One day, a deputy minister called me: “Please help me. My daughter applied for the Agong’s Scholarship. She’s first-class.”

I said: “YB, everybody (applying) is first-class.”

If they are successful, they get a letter from the king. They have an audience with the king. If you look at them, you know they are brilliant. Not everybody can talk to the king without stammering.

The selection process is very tough. And when they come back, they don’t have to work for the government. But they have to work for the country.

Friday, May 16, 2008

2,000 terima biasiswa JPA

KUALA LUMPUR: Seramai 2,000 pelajar lepasan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2007 ditawarkan biasiswa Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) bagi Program Ijazah Luar Negara.

Dalam kenyataannya semalam, JPA berkata pemilihan dibuat berdasarkan pencapaian akademik (70 peratus), latar belakang keluarga (10 peratus), temuduga (10 peratus) dan pembabitan dalam aktiviti kokurikulum (10 peratus).

Semua 15,217 pelajar membuat permohonan.

Menurut JPA, pelajar yang tidak berjaya boleh membuat rayuan dengan melayari laman web sehingga 17 Mei ini.

JPA juga menawarkan 10,000 biasiswa kepada lepasan diploma, matrikulasi, Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia dan Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia bagi Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (PIDN).

Syarat kelayakan permohonan biasiswa akan dikeluarkan dalam akhbar utama atau dengan melayari laman web JPA awal Jun ini.


Yesterday, i went to SMK TM 1 at 7a.m.
The assembly started at 7.20a.m.
After the assembly, all lower six students were divided into 5 classes.
I chose physics classes!
There were 3 bio 2 phy classes!
Mostly of my friends chose bio!
The analysis
-all chinese boys chose physics
-all chinese girls from 5 science 1 2007(smkdmpr1) chose physics(only 3-me, clarisa and phei chin)
-all chinese girls from 5 science 2 2007(smkdmpr1) chose biology except Lih Huey!
-all chinese girls from SMK Hamzah 1 chose biology except 2 physics' mind ppl!

Then, we all went to musalla to hear a talk!
Very boring!
Then, about 12 p.m., a girl from hamzah, i forget her name dy, me, and a boy went home!
We were going to PUTIK to take rm500!
So, we got accuse to go out!
Actually, i didn't plan to go out, but i didn't want to continue to hear the useless talk and boring activities, i went out! Sorry to pertinam, ur games are not my cup of tea!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I finished all the tasks which were given by PERTINAM!

1st-My name tag! What a shame!
-Need to show to the juniors, seniors and also teachers!
- try to imagine, 2 A4 papers!

2nd -Buku Jalinan Kasih
-We need take signatures from the teachers, staff, prefects, seniors and so on.
-Tomorrow, we need start to collect the signatures!
-minimum on Sunday is 50 signatures!

3rd-the coconut!
- as barang amanah

Today morning i didn't go to school, but i went to school on 2.30p.m.
Some said me so stupid, actually i could not go to school as i got the evidence!
So boring!
Played the boring and not so interesting games!
Made me tired!
Back to home, mum scolded me, she asked me about the magnesium, i said i dunno, then, she not surprised and shocked that i can fail all the scholarships as i have a bad communication skill!
I will try my best to do the best!

Kplspm interview's experience!

I finished all in about 20 Minutes!
Did it spontaneously!

2nd-Group Interview
Only 2 of 6 students went through the interview!
-water supply-

3rd-individual interview
they asked me about mathematics and its applications.

4th-Writing-Week 2 Day 3
-school concert
-woman drivers

Short descriptions only!
Form 6<>
I hate such life!
Orientation week is really really terrible!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Appeal through MCA- Will it work?

Just now,
I went to MCA's website and downloaded the form!
I prepared all the certificates stated there and tomorrow i will go to take pengesahan from principal!
Hope i can send it tomorrow too!
But, I just free during 12.30 till 2.30!
This is because of form 6 orientation's week.
We need to stay at school till 6.00p.m.!
Best of luck!

RM 149.40- I paid RM68.90- Not my money!

Form 6!
The registration's fee is RM149.40!
But i just paid the minimum amount!
I borrowed the money from my former additional mathematics' tuition teacher!
I guess form 6 registration's fee is the cheapest!

First Day-Back to school!

"Back to school"
Today is form 6 registration day!
I registered at SMK Tanah Merah(1).
Before i stepped into this school, i went to Lily's house~
We waited till about 9.00a.m, then we went to the school.
I rode my "ego" and parked it!
I saw lots of students, lots of Chinese students those i never seen them before!
I found out that their former school is SMK Hamzah(1), Machang!
I admire their determination to study form 6 at TM!
According to the Principal of SMK TM(1), there are 21 school's students will study at SMK TM(1), i was shocked by that statement!
SMK Tanah Merah(1) will open 5 lower six classes, 2 for physics and 3 for biology!
Let say one class will have 40 students, that's mean around 200 students will study form 6 at SMK Tanah Merah(1).
Today, i guessed there were about 300 students!
The Principal this situation is very normal and it will change after the polytechnics, Maktab Perguruan and Matrikulasi PDT start calling its students!
But, i think i will stick in form 6!
No more choice!
Lots of top students from SMK Hamzah 1- i meant Chinese- also study form 6 at SMK Tanah Merah(1).
So, i believe my abilities!
I believe my strength!
I believe i can do it!
4 flat is my target!
The orientation week will be conducted by the PERTINAM-Persatuan Tingkatan Enam!
I hope it will be fun!
I took a look on the timetable, the morning is fulled with talks and speeches while the evening is fulled with games!
We will have the orientation week in the morning till 15th May while 22nd May is the last day of evening!
Gambateh, i can do it!

I have done rayuan!

The reasons i wrote almost the same as others, i couldn't sleep just now, i was thinking about the rayuan!
Now, after this post, i guess i can sleep tightly!
Today's morning, i need to wake up earlier and prepare for my form 6!
I'm not going to tell you all what i wrote to JPA(Rayuan).
I will keep it as a secret!
Good night!
Wish me good luck!
Thank you!

Rayuan Biasiswa Tajaan JPA

No Kad Pengenalan:
Nama Penuh:

( Sila masukkan sebab tidak melebihi 500 aksara )

(Bidang yang dipilih hendaklah memenuhi syarat kombinasi subjek yang ditetapkan).

Sastera dan kemanusian
Sains Aktuari
Sains Komputer/IT/ICT
Sains Pertanian
Sains Perubatan Veterinar
Kejuruteraan Perancis
Kejuruteraan Jerman
Diploma Kejuruteraan Korea
Perancangan Bandar dan Wilayah
Pentadbiran Perniagaan
Seni Bina
Ukur Bahan

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Form 6! ---waiting for?... i also dunno!

I'm going to form 6 at SMK TM(1).
For your information, i had officially failed JPA and other scholarships' applications.
So, form 6 is only my choice now, as my parents can't afford my living costs at college!
I still have one interview, the last interview, KPLSPM, but i still can't decide that i will go for it or not, as i know teaching is not my cup of tea.
Today, MUET tuition class started, i had been attacked by the mouth of Miss Carolyn, what a shame!
But, tomorrow is my new starting point as spm is not longer my starting point!
I think so because i got 12A but go to form 6, others got no A also can go to form 6, so let my stpm results decide whether i am good enough or not!
Honestly, my tears had dried up, no more tears, just face it!
Face the reality, face the facts!
I take form 6 as a new challenge.
A new school, a new environment, a new start!
I hope it will be a good starting point towards successful path~
Congratulations to those secure jpa~
I have no comment how jpa choose its scholars!
So, i just can pray hard and let my finger-crossed!
I'm going to appeal but still can't think about the points.
Now, i believe lucks!
Hope i have the lucks to secure jpa after appealing it!
Frankly, i am frustrated and can't accept the reality but i must accept it!
Rejection after rejection really make me moody!
I realize that I'm not outstanding enough and i got the communication problem.
Maybe that are the reasons i failed!
Whatever happen after this, if got anymore rejection, i just receive it and i won't let my tears drop out again!
I hope i can go to matriculation as so many bumiputras rejected the offers!
If can, i hope for jpa!-i really hope that!
Best of luck!
Form 6 is waiting for my present!

Korea Engineering and Matriculation-make me jealous!

Lim Lee Wen, the name of the jpa scholar!
He is the only chinese in my school got the jpa and matriculation!
Congratulations to him!
I have no comment about that.

Now, i can go to sleep tightly dy-100%-jpa failed!



Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) telah menimbangkan dengan saksama permohonan saudara/i untuk mendapatkan Biasiswa Persekutuan bagi melanjutkan pengajian ke luar negara di bawah Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) 2008. Walau bagaimanapun, permohonan saudara/i tidak dapat diluluskan.

Jika saudara/i berhasrat mengemukakan rayuan, sila lengkapkan borang rayuan secara online selewat-lewatnya pada 17 Mei 2008. Rayuan boleh dibuat secara online sahaja, keputusan rayuan boleh disemak melalui portal JPA di pada tarikh yang akan diumumkan kemudian. Saudara/i diharapkan tidak menghubungi JPA sepanjang tempoh rayuan tersebut.

Untuk makluman, saudara/i masih berpeluang memohon biasiswa JPA sekiranya saudara/i meneruskan pengajian di dalam negara di Institusi Pengajian yang ditetapkan oleh jabatan ini.

Sekian, Terima kasih.

Bahagian Pembangunan Modal Insan,
Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam,

Finally, i can enter the jpa's website and check for myself!
I'm going to appeal tomorrow, i'm not dare to write it now as i afraid the website suddenly down again!
Congratulation to those secure this scholarship!

I failed JPA!-<>-predictable!

My friend checked for me just now, all of us, chinese student of smkdmpr(1) failed!
I can't check down, the web is still down, but i believe my friend, i failed!
Now, no more nervous!
I can sleep tightly tonight!
Congratulation to heyday and fifah, sorry for my attitude, i checked without ur permission!
Best of luck!
I'm going to sleep dy as i knew my results dy, tomorrow just appeal, just to try my luck!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am blogging while i'm waiting for jpa results!

Now, first of all, same as other scholarships' applicants, i am nervous, i hope the results will come out as soon as possible.
I am worrying too.
I worry that if i fail, what can i do?
If i success, what should i do?
This post is just to express my feelings and relieve my tension.
Waiting for almost 1 months ++, i hope my patience will be paid off.
Tomorrow is mother's day, i hope i can give my mum this coming present, i hope the news is nice to hear!
I do not dare to see the results, i afraid it states that "Dukacita...etc"
I only want to see "Taniah...etc"
YTM, TNB, PETRONAS, SIME DARBY, ...etc rejected me dy....
I hope jpa will select me as one of its scholars!
I will try my best to score good results!
I hope my form 6's stuff preparation is a waste!
I don't care about the money to buy form 6's uniform and other things.
Now, 3 hours more to wait!
I guess there are lots of applicants stay out!
Their feelings also same as me!
Best of luck!

11 th may 2008-Jpa results come out! THx

Thx JPA!
Best of luck!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Lucks or abilitiies? Which is more important factor to secure a scholarship?

Today, i woke up on 12.30p.m, then i went to heyday's house together with other 7 Chinese friends.
The God bless her, she got 3 offers, UM-Asasi Sains Hayat, Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang and UTP-chemical engineering. I know she got the abilities and i also believe she also got the luck. For the others, mostly got the matriculations, we met Farah, T-rah and Ain there, 3 of them are going to matriculations. Ain and Lee Wen got the same matriculation college-Pahang, congratulate!
We had a nice time at heyday's house, thank you for inviting us, i dunno whether i should continue saying "best of luck".
Anyway, good luck, i hope you will choose the course you like the most, ignore about the difficulty, i believe you can do it, i also hope you can get JPA, pray hard, finger-crossed!
Well, luck and abilities, i think both play their own role, without luck, you can't secure a scholarship and vice-verse.
For me, luck is more important than abilities!
Hope the God give me a chance to go to oversea-jpa- if not, i am going to form 6 and sit for stpm!
Oh ya, talk about stpm, i bought muet and maths paper 1 books already, i took a look, the maths is very difficult, i faced problems, i afraid i can't maintain the consistency, maths was my strongest subject, i hope this fact won't change forever!
I am not in mood to blogging in these few days, the factor is my future!
I can't stop thinking about my future, i really hope that someone can tell me my future accurately.
I worry about the jpa, about the form 6, about the matriculation and many many more!
Good luck and congratulate to those have been selected to matriculations or ipta or utp or three or two of them!
Please don't give up to those haven't been selected to these pre-uni courses, form 6 also not bad, hehe!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Check for ur scholarships status!

(use Internet explorer)
Above 3 sponsorships' providers announced their scholars dy!
I am waiting for jpa!

English course was over! Last Day!

On 8 May 2008. 5.oop.m., my English Course was officially ended.
Today was the last day and the attendance was good but py was absent.
Today we had class as usual, we learned as usual without any sad feeling, the reason is we are going to meet again.
The muet class will start on this coming sunday!
I joined the class because i wanted to fulfill my time with beneficial activities.
Now, my pronunciations have improve a little bit, my confidence and also my grammar have improve too!
Thank you.
But i realize that are not enough, the improvement still not enough, i need to improve more!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Form 6 offer letter!

Jurusan: SAINS
Sekolah ditempatkan: SEK MEN KEB TANAH (1) KELANTAN
Tarikh dan masa lapor diri : 12 Mei 2008 / 9.00 pagi
Dokumen diperlukan (Asal dan salinan yang disahkan):
i. Surat tawaran ini.
ii. Keputusan SPM 2007
iii. Kad Pengenalan
iv. Sijil Kelahiran
Pakaian : Pakaian seragam sekolah dan kemas

I'm sure that i will go to form 6 first!
Then, i will try to cope with new environment, new learning and teaching process and new friends. If i fail to do so, i will consider private college, UNITEN, i don't apply yet, but i will apply it immediately when i know i fail jpa. This is because the closing date is 30 May and the process fee is RM30. I still got the time and UNITEN always open its door if you got the money!
So, let JPA decides my future!
The preparation for form 6, i haven't done yet, maybe tomorrow i will start to prepare the uniform and things like certificate and stationery.
For those who got matrik, your name will not in form 6 name lists while for those who decided want go to ipta, you are advised by moe to study form 6 first while waiting upu starts its classes.
For me, now is form 6, hope after these few days, the jpa results will come out, then i can really think my future carefully and seriously.
I admitted that now i am not serious enough because i really can't make the decision right now.
One more very important news to Kelantanese, you can't change the stream either from science to arts or from arts to science. This news i got from my former school's counselor, they told me that is the order from jpn kelantan. They hold the meeting yesterday, we have only been allowed to change the school only!

Best of luck!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My preparation for KPLSPM interview!

Actually, i have done nothing.

The 4-pages essay i don't touch it yet!
I hope that i can get the idea how to write.
Talk about my experience interacting with peers or children, i only got one idea.
It's "mentor-mentee" program, i used to become mentor to my peers for certain critical subjects such as add maths, physics and chemistry. I got the problem to voice out my ideas, so i think it was not a recommended experience to tell the MOE. It was actually a failure, i failed to give my presentation nice and perfect.
What's more?
Success is 10% inspiration and 90% preparation, should i believe this maxim?

A person with great intelligence but without virtue is not one to be admired!
Does a teacher play a role to inculcate good moral value amongst students?

Whatever the questions to be given to me, my big and main problem is my bad communication skill!

I have tried to improve by attending the classes, but i can't see any obvious improvement!
I am worrying that i need to use the same formula as i used to improve my Chinese language if i really want to improve my English standard.

My problems
-lack of vocabulary

-bad pronunciation
-Many grammatical errors
-less exposure
-hard to accept or memorize new words

I identified my weaknesses but i dunno what is my next step?
Can you give me some ideas and suggestions?
Helping others make you happy!

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1. Who is your all-time inspiration?
-My parents!

2. Do you believe in miracles?
-Of course!

3. What do u hate guys the most?

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
-Japan-in term of traveling
-Heaven-in term of religion
-Abroad famous university-in term of education

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
-Hmm, now thinking about my future, so i guess i want a bright future and don't face obstacles again!

6.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- Why not? I saw it before! It's natural phenomenon!

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
-Buy a car first, for transportation to anywhere!

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
-See first! Many factors to be considered!

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
-Haha, just know her! Open-minded, friendly and etc.

10. Who understand you the most other than yourself and family member ?
-Nobody, i also want to know it!

11. Which do you hate the most?
- Dilemma

12.What subject you like the most?
-Hmm, mathematics or physics, i also dunno!

13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
-I hope they can tell me directly!

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- Education plus health plus family plus money!

15.Which 1 would you choose if you only have 1 choice? Travel back in time, live in another planet or being immortal?
-Travel back in time

16. Are you a Smart?

17. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
-Hmm, my "dunno" attitude.

18. Is there anything that u have done which u regret?

19. What makes you different?

20. What is your current wish???
-Can further my studies abroad

Tagged to nobody!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

PSD To Sponsor All Students Obtaining 9As In 2007 SPM

KUALA LUMPUR, May 3 (Bernama) -- The Public Service Department (PSD) will sponsor all students who obtained 9As or better in the 2007 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

This is in addition to the 2,000 students under the Overseas Degree Programme and 10,000 under the Local Degree Programme, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan says in a statement.

The sponsorship will be given to students undergoing Form Six at government schools and matriculation centres under the Education Ministry, Universiti Malaya's Pre-Science Centre and International Islamic University Malaysia's Matriculation.

It will continue up to the first degree-level at local universities and extended to those who have obtained seats at Ivy League universities overseas and foreign university campuses in Malaysia like Monash University, Nottingham University, Curtin University of Technology and Swinburne University.


I hope for the overseas degree programme!

180,630 pelajar layak masuk Tingkatan Enam

SERAMAI 180,630 lulusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2007 layak memasuki Tingkatan Enam Bawah di 765 sekolah menengah harian dan teknik seluruh negara, tahun ini.

layak memasuki aliran kemanusiaan, manakala 52,751 lagi sains.

Jumlah berkenaan tidak termasuk 32,685 lulusan yang mendapat tawaran memasuki program matrikulasi.

Bagi calon berjaya tetapi sedang mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara pula, mereka boleh melapor diri sebaik saja tamat kursus itu.

Statistik mengikut negeri bagi aliran kemanusiaan dan sains bagi Perak, masing-masing 12,187 dan 5,442; Selangor (17,445 dan 10,526), Pahang (9,144 dan 2,893), Kelantan (12,578 dan 3,450), Sabah (10,509 dan 2,070), Johor (15,040 dan 5,989). Kedah (10,190 dan 3,229), Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan (359 dan 84), Melaka (4,359 dan 1,986), Negeri Sembilan (5,426 dan 2,426), Pulau Pinang (5,687 dan 3,908), Perlis (1,707 dan 447), Sarawak (9,317 dan 3,784), Terengganu (8,419 dan 2,445), Putrajaya (191 dan 82) serta Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (5,321 dan 3,990).

Friday, May 2, 2008

Result of entry to Form Six out on Tuesday

Students who sat for the Siji Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination last year, the results of which was released two months ago, will be able to know whether they have been accepted into Form Six from Tuesday.

The Education Ministry, in a statement issued here today, said the result can be obtained by surfing the ministry’s website at or through the short-messaging-service SMS) by typing T6KPAG and send to 33778.

The registration date for Form Six students is May 12.

Those not offered places (in Form Six) can appeal by filling up a form which can be downloaded from the website and have it sent to the State Education Department by June 6, 2008 at the latest.

The decision on their application will be sent to them through the post.

Bimbingain & Latihan Persediaan: INSAK (Inventory Sahsiah Keguruan) & Temu Duga

You think that's a must to buy such book?
I surfed the Internet and i found this book!
The price is RM19.90!
I not buy and sure will not buy it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Now, i know the reason why i failed UPU!

I applied for asasi program in um as my first and second choices- this is the reason why i failed ipta!
This is because i didn't notice that these asasi program just for bumiputera!
OMG. That was my own fault!
well, the diploma courses, i not interested at all, i will go to form 6, then just now i appealed diploma in IT in UTM and asasi sains pertanian in UPM!
I don't have any others asasi choice to choose!

So Hot- Cameron Highland!

Today, i woke up at 7a.m, my parents and i went to cameron highland.
It was one day trip!
There was very hot! I wonder why!
I felt very bored too.
I was not in the mood to travel bcs my friends informed me that we could check UPU status today, so immediately, i used my dad's hp and checked my status!
What had i get?
I won't give up!

UPU failed!

Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda TIDAK BERJAYA
dalam permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA Program Pengajian Lepasan SPM/Setaraf bagi Sesi Akademik 2008/2009

Aplikasi e-Rayuan : https://online/

Semua urusan rayuan perlu melalui Aplikasi e-Rayuan ini yang akan dibuka pada
01 Mei 2008 hingga 18 Mei 2008 mulai jam 12.00 tengah hari

Harap Maklum

I no comment at all about this!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yayasan Islam Kelantan-RM500- 15 May 2008

I will go!
Thx, finally i will get the money!

No choice - i need to do so!

The only way i can study abroad is to depend on scholarships.
This is because my parents aren't well-off enough to send me overseas.
Study abroad is one of my dreams!
My parents asked me regarding my scholarship applications.
They wondered why i chose oversea programs for all my scholarship applications.
They also asked me the reasons why i can't study in local university.
I didn't know how to answer them at that moment!
I told them i want go study abroad because that is the only way i can go oversea.
That time, i was not think carefully before i spoke out my point of view!
I understood now, they worried about me!
What i need to do now is try to equip myself with knowledge, improve my communication skill, do a little homework, less socialize, etc......
I hope that i can secure any scholarship either study abroad or local as long as it's recognized by MQA.
If can't, i think i will go to private, of course UTAR is not in my choices!
Maybe try to apply UNITEN-closing date-30 May 2008!
I regretted that i didn't hear the advice of counselor. She advised me go to study in private college starting Jan 2008 using my trial results. But it's over dy.
Now, i should think it carefully what is my real ambition and what should i do to achieve this ambition?
Now, not the time for me to play, not the time for me to socialize, not the time for me to do nothing! But, it's the time for me to think how is my future?.. What should i do to achieve it?.. I should start searching for my real ambition, for my real tasks!
I was born in the Earth- so i think that i got some tasks to fulfilled, my mum and dad and my relatives, all of them hope me can contribute something to my big family!
Maybe i will become the first of the family members to study abroad-i hope that i'm not a day-dreamer!
KPLSPM-be a teacher!- I think i can do it if i willing to do it, but now my problem is my communication skill. I hope that my interview experiences like JPA and Sime Darby already improve my confidence while talking!
Go ahead, i can do it!
Believe my own abilities!

Useful web links-preparation for KPLSPM interview!

so far, i just can give 3 links, i just surf the Internet, i hope these links will help those who got the kplspm interview!
Sigh-i not read through the websites yet, i will read them asap!
Hope so!
Best of luck!

I used the car today!--thx--

Yesterday's night, i attended a meeting at Tc Liang's house!
The meeting started at 8.30p.m.++, then it was going on......
Then went out yam cha!
Chat.........Chat........Chat!-petrol-py paid!
Whatever happened yesterday, let it go!
Now, kplspm, is very important!
Current news, edu news and also the INSAK, all need my mentally and physically preparation!
I hope I really will like to be a teacher if there are no others better options!
As the malay saying goes "Tak kenal maka tak cinta", i hope this saying are really accurate and believable!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

International Islamic College?

I just back from my English class!
I look at my house's mail box, i saw my name on one of the mails.
I opened the letter, omg, it's a offer from IIC, i continued read the letter!
I found something very funny, and i want to tell the college, i'm a buddhist, not a muslim!
Below statement
---Female must wear tudung(white) during the orientation day!---
Maybe i missed out some sentences, but nvm, i will go to form 6!
Anyway, thank for the offer letter!
Bye, bye!
i will not go for it!


29 April 2008 - SELASA
Anda layak untuk menghadiri Temu duga Program Kursus Perguruan Lepas Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (KPLSPM) Ambilan Julai 2008. Berikut adalah maklumat Temu duga tersebut :-
14 - 05 - 2008
8.00 PAGI
Thank you!
I have given a chance to attend this interview!
But, what is penyataan hasrat, how to write it?
Calon Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan TESL (B.Ed. TESL) dan Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang (PPC) ke Universiti Terkemuka Luar Negara diwajibkan menduduki Ujian Bertulis Bahasa Inggeris.
Temu duga individu dan kumpulan bagi Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan TESL (B.Ed. TESL) dan Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang (PPC) ke Universiti Terkemuka Luar Negara dijalankan sepenuhnya dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

I need to improve my English level as fast as possible!
If not, i think i will fail!
Jpa-if u want me, inform me earlier!
Thx, maybe i will know the JPA results before i go to kplspm interview!
But, is that possible for me to secure jpa scholarship?
Anyway, pray hard!
I will try my best!
Good luck to those got the interview too!
To those who failed, you can appeal!
Try your luck!
Go here to check your status!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Absent-minded! Why? I also wonder why!

These few days including today i am absent-minded!
Today, i forgot to help Tc Liang top-up!
She asked me to do so on 6.30p.m, i promised her before 7.00p.m, she would receive RM30!
Haiz, i forgot, she smsed me and asked where her top-up?
I was asleep!
I immediately picked up my key and rode the bike to nearby top-up center!
Finally, i solved the problem!
Few days back, i was in AC's room, i borrowed dvd from her, my bad habit, like to fight with py, i won. DVD lent to me first, but, i forgot to bring back to my house! Omg! Absent-minded again!
There are lots of absent-minded cases happened on me.
I lazy to elaborate more, i just want find some solution to solve this habit!
Any suggestion?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am considered as a pity person!-I want to explain about it!

"You write ur blog-describe urself as a pity person!"
"You seen lost dy!"
"Ur blog is a place to express ur sadness, rite?"
"Y u want to express ur feelings in ur blog?"
and etc......
All these are my rights!

What is the difference between sponsorship and scholarship?

Anyone, pls define both!
-Actually i confuse with below statement!
"Petronas is not a scholarship, but it is a sponsorship!"


Untuk memantapkan sektor pendidikan negara , KPM telah merangka Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan [PIPP] bagi tahun 2006-2010 yang akan menjadi garis panduan pembangunan pendidikan negara secara menyeluruh sepanjang tempoh 5 tahun dalam Rancangan Malaysia ke-9. PIPP merupakan satu dokumen perancangan pembangunan pendidikan yang bersepadu, komprehensif dan menyeluruh yang tidak tertumpu pada satu jenis sekolah, lokasi dan kaum. Agenda utama KPM adalah untuk membangunkan sekolah kebangsaan sebagai sekolah aliran perdana kerana pada waktu ini majoriti pelajar berada di sekolah kebangsaan. Walau bagaimanapun, KPM tidak meminggirkan SJKC, SJKT dan SABK dalam meningkatkan kualiti pendidikan di sekolah-sekolah tersebut. PIPP merupakan dokumen perancangan pembangunan meliputi tiga aspek utama iaitu infrastruktur, pengisian dan tenaga manusia.

Pendekatan PIPP

Matlamat PIPP adalah untuk menghasilkan pendidikan berkualiti untuk semua. Bagi memastikan matlamat ini dapat dicapai, dua pendekatan utama telah dikenal pasti sepanjang tempoh RM Ke-9 iaitu;

a) menyelesaikan tugas yang masih belum selesai dalam rancangan lima tahun sebelum ini iaitu untuk memastikan akses kepada pendidikan dan menyamaratakan medan persaingan di kalangan pelajar;
b) mengembangkan sepenuhnya potensi sekolah dalam kluster kecemerlangan sehingga membolehkan guru dan pelajar mengangkat nama dan sistem pendidikan negara di mata dunia.

Dalam pendekatan pertama, komitmen KPM adalah untuk memastikan rakyat mendapat peluang pendidikan yang adil dan saksama tanpa mengira lokasi, kaum ataupun daripada kelompok kurang upaya, Orang Asli dan suku minoriti lain. KPM akan memastikan semua pelajar menguasai kemahiran membaca, mengira dan menulis dan tidak ada pelajar yang tercicir dari sistem pendidikan akibat kemiskinan, berada di kawasan luar bandar atau pedalaman. Peluasan ke semua jenis sekolah dan lokasi akan ditingkatkan untuk memastikan semua pelajar mendapat akses ICT khususnya capaian kepada internet.

Dalam pendekatan kedua, komitmen KPM adalah untuik memberi perhatian khusus ke atas sekolah yang telah mencapai tahap cemerlang untuk memastikan bukan sahaja ia dapat mempertahankan kecemerlangan malah mampu mempertingkatkannya ke tahap yang lebih tinggi. KPM akan mengenalpasti sekolah sekolah dalam kluster Sekolah Kebangsaan[SK], Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan [SJK], Sekolah Berasrama Penuh[SBP], Sekolah Premier, Sekolah Menengah Teknik [SMT], Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama[SMKA], Sekolah 100 tahun [ Centennial], Sekolah Bestari serta sekolah-sekolah Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya. Seterusnya KPM akan memperkenalkan pelbagai program yang dapat membantu meningkatkan lagi kelebihan, ekkuatan dan daya saing sekolah-sekolah dalam kluster ini.

Teras Strategik PIPP

Enam teras strategik telah dikenal pasti untuk memperkukuhkan sistem pendidikan negara.
Teras 1: Membina Negara Bangsa
Teras 2 : Membangunkan modal insan
Teras 3 : Memeprkasakan Sekolah Kebangsaan
Teras 4 : Merapatkan Jurang Pendidikan
Teras 5 : Memartabatkan Profesion Kegurusan
Teras 5 : Melonjakkan Kecemerlangan Institusi Pendidikan

Teras 1 : Membina Negara Bangsa

Memberi fokus kepada pembinaan Negara Bangsa melalui pendidikan. KPM untuk membangunkan warganegara dari awal persekolahan dengan ciri-ciri glokal, patriotik dan cintakan negara serta menyanjung dan menjunjung warisan budaya dan kesenian bangsa. Hasrat membina negara bangsa ini akan dicapai dengan memperkasakan Bahasa Melayu, meningkatkan disiplin pelajar, menggiatkan Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan [RIMUP] serta menggiatkan aktiviti kokurikulum serta sukan bagi membina jati diri serta menerapkan budi bahasa dan adab di kalangan pelajar.

Teras ke 2: Membangunakn Modal Insan
Usaha membangunkan modal insan KPM akan memberi tumpuan kepada sistem nilai, aspek disiplin, sahsiah dan jati diri pelajar. Teras ini juga berhasrat melahirkan pelajar yang kompeten dalam Sains dan Teknoplogi, inovatif dan kreatif serta kebolehpasaran. KPM akan menyediakan sistem pentaksiran dan penilaian holistik, membina disiplin pelajar serta memberi penekanan kepada kebersihan, kesihatan dan keselamatan.

Teras ke 3 : Memperkasakan Sekolah Kebangsaan
KPM akan memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan [ rendah dan menengah ] supaya sekolah-sekolah tersebut menjadi sekolah pilihan utama masyarakat. Sehubungan itu, sekolah sekolah kebangsaan akan dilengkapkan kemudahan asas pendidikan yang mencukupi dan berkualiti, bekalan elektrik dan air bersih serta kemudahan ICT. sekolah juga akan dibekalkan guru terlatih yang mencukupi mengikut opsyen serta bilangan staf sokongan mengikut keperluan.

Teras ke 4 : Merapatkan Jurang Pendidikan
Penekanan dalam merapatkan jurang pendidikan antara lokasi, jenis sekolah, tahap sosioekonomi dan tahap keupayaan pelajar adalah untuk mengurangkan perbezaan dariapda segi penyediaan kemudahan fizikal dan bukan fizikal, prestasi dan pencapaian perlajar serta keciciran. Justeru KPM akan membangunkan infrastruktur dan kemudahan pendidikan khususnya di luar bandar Sabah dan Sarawak dan memastikan semua sekolah mempunyai prasarana mengikut standard minimum. KPM juga akan memperbanyak bantuan kepada pelajar miskin, berkeperluan khas dan kumpulan minoriti, mengurangkan jurang digital dan menempatkan guru terlatih yang mencukupi mengikut opsyen di kawasan luar bandar dan pedalaman.

Teras ke 5 : Memartabatkan Profesion Keguruan
Usaha memartabatkan profesion keguruan adalah bagi memastikan profesion keguruan ini dihormati dan dipandang tinggi sesuai dengan amanah yang dipertanggungjawabkan dalam pembinaan generasi masa depan. KPM menaik taraf maktab perguruan kepada institusi pendidikan guru untuk meningkatkan kelayakan guru ke peringkat ijazah. KPM juga akan menambah baik pemilihan calon guru, perjawatan, penempatan dan kebajikan guru.

Teras ke 6 : Melonjakkan Kecemerlangan Institusi Pendidikan
Usaha melonjakkan kecemerlangan institusi pendidikan adalah dengan membentuk kluster kecemerlangan sekolah berasaskan akademik, kokurikulum dan sukan atau bidang-bidang khusus [niche areas]. Sekolah-sekolah terpilih dalam kluster ini akan dirangkaikan dengan institusi ternama tempatan dan luar negara, menawarkan pelbagai peperiksaan peringkat antarabangsa seperti International Baccalaureate dan dijadikan sekolah contoh. Sekolah-sekolah yang dikenal pasti daripada kluster ini akan dijadikan penanda aras dan showcase pada peringkat antarabangsa selaras dengan usaha membangunkan sistem pendidikan berkualiti dan bertaraf dunia.